Facilities and resources within schools of design are always striving to keep up with the rapidly changing state of technology and needs of the professions. The Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning has taken on this challenge and has made significant investments and upgrades to the tools and spaces within eCAP that are available to faculty and students. Since 2014, the college has significantly upgraded and expanded its 3D printing capabilities, the CNC milling operations, the laser cutting facility, and has seen a number of internationally recognized projects produced with the help of the industrial robotic arm. The leadership of Daniel Eisinger, the Director of Robotics and Digital Fabrication Applied Research and Training, and Judy Kreiger, Digital Fabrication Technician and woodshop manager, have been instrumental in these advancements and results.

Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning has strengthened its existing position as a thought leader in computational design, material behavior, and fabrication processes. As improvements and advancements continue, the college will further cement itself as a destination for future innovators and researchers.

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